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Origence Announces Breakout Session Lineup for Lending Tech Live

Origence announces 14 breakout sessions
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Sessions address auto lending trends, evolving EV financing, AI strategies, compliance, and the lending landscape.

Irvine, CA, March 19, 2024Origence, the leading lending technology solutions provider for credit unions, announces breakout sessions for its Lending Tech Live ’24 conference, scheduled June 25-27, 2024, at the Marriot Marquis in San Diego, California. This announcement follows the news of Lisa Bodell, Kevin Surace, and Andrew Busch as keynote speakers.

Lending Tech Live ’24 is the premier lending technology conference in the credit union industry. Thought leaders from hundreds of credit unions across the country, along with auto dealers, fintech executives, and technology providers, attend. The conference provides insight into the latest strategies to build stronger, more profitable lending portfolios and to reach more members.

This year’s tracks will focus on auto lending trends, evolving EV buying and lending, AI strategies and trends, growth, compliance, and the lending landscape. Attendees can attend the following breakout sessions:

Driving Change: The Future of the Automotive Industry
Dive into the evolving automotive technologies, emerging trends in electric and autonomous vehicles, and the impact of digital transformation on car manufacturing and sales.

Consumer Credit Trends and Insights: A Strategic Overview for Lenders
This session will offer a strategic overview of current credit behaviors, risk assessment techniques, and innovations transforming the lending industry.

Electrifying Auto Loans: The Future of New & Used EV Lending
Learn what is required to optimize this initial stage of the lending process, ensuring a competitive edge in the rapidly growing EV sector.

The Electric Revolution: Impact and Implications of EVs
This session will provide a holistic view of the electric revolution’s impact and its wide-ranging implications.

AI Automation Strategies for Credit Unions: Unlocking Opportunities
Gain practical insights, case studies, and actionable steps to harness the power of AI and position them for success in the digital era.

How to Leverage AI Across Your Entire Credit Union
Learn how AI-powered solutions can streamline lending, fraud detection, and risk assessment, making lending processes more efficient and member-focused.

Credit Union Panel: Liquidity Strategies Built for Lending Success
This session will provide practical steps that other credit unions can implement to thrive, focusing on liquidity strategies that are key to maximizing lending growth in a dynamic market environment.

Defending Your Credit Union Against Emerging Digital Fraud Trends
Leaders from the nation’s top credit bureaus will delve into the complexities of combating fraud in the digital finance realm.

Transforming Credit Union Tech Through Partner Collaboration
Hear from Origence partners as they share their innovative capabilities and ways they bring added value to the Origence ecosystem.

Assessing Your Compliance Program: Monitoring Hot Topics in Lending
Gain valuable insights into regulatory updates, emerging trends, and best practices to ensure your credit union remains vigilant and compliant.

GAP Refunds Revisited: Credit Union Strategies and Lessons
Dive into the world of GAP refunds and explore innovative strategies and invaluable lessons learned.

Conversation with NCUA: Staying Ahead of a Changing Regulatory Landscape
Focus on NCUA Cyber Reporting Rules and Regulations and navigate the changing regulatory landscape.

Automotive Industry Outlook: Keeping Pace with Industry Shifts
Explore current trends in the automotive industry and their implications for auto loan lenders.

Financial Resilience: Mastering Liquidity Management in Times of Economic Uncertainty
Dive into the intricacies of navigating liquidity challenges during turbulent times.

Open Forum: Indirect Lending Opportunities, Challenges, and the Future
Credit union executives will discuss indirect lending strategies from both credit union and dealership perspectives.

“We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary in a big way, including impactful breakout sessions that will equip attendees with relevant lending insights and strategies to maximize performance, effectively compete, and deliver value,” said Erika Hill, Origence’s VP of marketing. “Lending Tech Live has created an environment for industry-wide collaboration and meaningful dialogue. We look forward to yet another successful year of helping credit unions prepare for the future of lending.”

Lending Tech Live ’24 will also include interactive workshops to improve their lending program, build borrower journeys that enhance member relationships, and highlight crucial regulations for 2024, along with other key discussions. Attendees will learn about the state-of-the-art tools and technologies shaping the lending landscape, lending strategies, emerging trends, research, and more.

To learn more about the conference, visit the Lending Tech Live website.

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