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3Rivers Federal Credit Union Optimizes Outbound Communication with Origence arc MX

Since 1935, 3Rivers Federal Credit Union (3Rivers) has been empowering its community to achieve financial wellness by offering personalized service, tools, and education. This member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative has gained $2.3 billion in assets and more than 110,000 members. With 22 branches and nearly 500 employees, 3Rivers offers a wide range of financial solutions in addition to trustworthy, lifelong guidance and relationships.

When tasked with finding an outbound communication solution equipped with automation capabilities and backed by a dedicated, easy-to-reach support team, 3Rivers turned to Origence arc MX (previously Intuvo Marketing Automation) to configure and optimize their outbound communication strategy.

Automation with a people-first approach

Overcoming an infinite automation loop from a company, partner, or vendor gets tiresome quickly. Phone automation, auto-response chats, and other barriers to personalized interactions certainly have their place but diminish the connection between parties when overused. 3Rivers’ legacy system lacked support and limited person-to-person interactions with ticketing systems that, when submitted by the 3Rivers team members, often went unresolved. Lack of communication internally stifled outbound communication creativity and limited what could be done within the existing system.

“Our previous system was designed to batch-and-blast communication,” stated Chad Gramling, data manager with 3Rivers. “As an organization, we knew we could take our outreach efforts to a point that felt more personal, was better targeted, and reduced friction for members by taking advantage of the right marketing automation tools.”

Gramling was an integral member of the team dedicated to researching and implementing a marketing solution that would handle the digital automation needs of members while acquiring high-touch support as requested by internal teams.

From onboarding to operating

From the beginning, the 3Rivers team was impressed by the dedication of the Origence onboarding and support team. From unique system requests to overcoming the learning curve of a new platform, the Origence team was accessible and approachable. Gramling noted a “great onboarding process” that kept progress consistently moving forward and helped 3Rivers “hit the ground running.”

“When comparing the Origence arc MX onboarding process to that of our previous platform, this was more guided with a hands-on approach that was genuinely appreciated by our internal team.” Gramling continues on to say that “one of the nicer things noticed during this process is the Origence support staff’s intrinsic understanding of what it takes to overcome the initial learning curve presented by a new platform. They are beyond patient and always willing to help.”

This stark difference from other vendors with ticketing systems and an impersonal approach has made the Origence arc MX team more than a vendor but an authentic partner of 3Rivers. Gramling and his team have felt well supported and have continued to leverage the expertise of the Origence team for innovative ideas, answering platform-related questions, and learning best practices.

The ultimate member experience

In the past several years of working with Origence arc MX, 3Rivers has made tremendous progress from their initial bulk outbound communication strategy. Outbound messaging is targeted and automated in ways that optimize the experience for members. Delivering the right message at the right time maximizes opportunities for the credit union’s members and internal teams.

As Gramling noted, “Origence arc MX plays a critical role in improving the digital experience for our members. Our marketing automation is pivotal in our ability to take stored data, extract key information, and activate strategic triggers to deliver outbound communication based on those events in real-time.”

The 3Rivers team closely monitors campaign deliverability, unique opens, and click-through rates and is extremely satisfied with current results compared to the benchmark data. Gramling went on to acknowledge that the quality of communication has improved dramatically, and the team has been pleased with the additional arc MX integrations that have opened the gateway for additional data gathering and reporting.

Configure a communication strategy that meets your credit union’s needs

As a credit union service organization (CUSO), Origence has unique solutions that Take advantage of tools and solutions aligned to fit your credit union’s mission. Start making better connections with internal teams, partners, potential members, and existing members. Ready to learn how? Request a demo today.