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Lending Tech Trends: An essential guide for credit unions

It’s no secret that technology plays a critical role in the lending experience. Fintechs, neobanks, and other next-gen players are revolutionizing the way consumers see and manage their money. Credit unions are essentially on a diverging road where they have the option to move forward by embracing digital transformation or to remain rooted in their traditional service model. Credit unions that rise to meet member demands for a digital, seamless, end-to-end experience have a unique opportunity to shine in the years ahead. While system improvements and overhauling the member experience doesn’t happen overnight, there are various partners, a plethora of advice, and industry-proven tools that credit unions can take advantage of to create the ultimate member experience. Wondering where to start? Take a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities for credit unions by learning more about:

  • Leveraging the right technology that aligns with your credit union’s mission.
  • How automation helps improve accuracy, efficiency, and processes for your members and internal teams.
  • The future of auto lending and the importance of cultivating relationships with your local dealerships.
  • What to expect from the up-and-coming EV market.